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Alex Sharp - Photographer

I have been taking photos since I was a child and so have had a camera in my hand for over 40 years. Having worked in Television as a camera operator and photographer and traveling the world from Antarctica to the Arctic, I have a huge library of images that I have captured along the way, through spending a year in Africa and travels through North, Central and South America, my travels have taken me through over 100 countries in all, I often travel alone, I find you meet more locals and have some amazing experiences this way. 

I enjoy sharing my images with the world through both prints and greeting cards.

A selection of my images are also sold through Getty Images and Alamy photo library, which means they get used in books and magazines and books around the world, all earning their keep and paying for more adventures.

The ranges include a wide range of subjects, including not just travel and wildlife, but Equestrian and dog photography, plus wolves, flowers , landscapes and seascapes plus the underwater world, aerial views and lots lots more.

Where is home ? - I live on a lovely old farm in Worcestershire, with my husband and two huskies Eli and Bear, plus the deer, pheasants, rabbits, stoats, squirrels and many other wild animals that call our farm home.... and let's not forget the horse and sheep too of course.



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